ONE80TC Women's Rehabilitation Centre

ONE80TC Women's Rehabilitation Centre

The ONE80TC Women’s Rehabilitation Centre has been running since mid-2018 and currently has bed vacancies. The ONE80TC Residential Program is a Christian based full-time 12 month residential program that aims to equip men and women from the ages of 18 years with the skills necessary to live a successful life free from substance abuse, addictions and other life controlling problems such as anger, depression or gambling.

The program incorporates one-on-one counselling, group work and classroom based activities around topics including; life management skills, anger management, self-image, relationships, communication, emotional regulation and spiritual growth. Students work with their case worker to negotiate their own individual planned exit, based on their progress and recovery needs.

The women’s facility is located in the outer Sydney suburb of Kurmond NSW, near Richmond. Smoking is not permitted and students can choose to pay privately or use a combination of their Centrelink entitlement along with family contributions to cover the cost of participation in the program.

Applicants with dual diagnosis may be accepted provided they are stable and under treatment. When assessing applicants who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or other forms of psychosis, additional information may be required in order to ascertain if the ONE80TC Residential Program is suitable for their requirements.

Detoxification from all alcohol and other drugs [including benzodiazepines, narcotics, stimulants, sedatives, codeine and methadone] must be completed before entering the program. Some prescription medications are also prohibited at ONE80TC. ONE80TC can provide referrals to detoxification programs.

Contact: 1800 679 657.

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Source: HDHS