New Resource for Carers of People Living with Bipolar Disorder

New Resource for Carers of People Living with Bipolar Disorder

A comprehensive new booklet uniquely developed for Carers of people who have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder is now available for use across Australia. 'Coming Home with Bipolar: Information for Families & Carers' was launched by the NSW Mental Health Commissioner, Catherine Lourey. The 40-page booklet was produced by Bipolar Australia with the support of the NSW Mental Health Commission and Mental Health Carers NSW.

“I am very pleased that the Commission has had the opportunity to invest in such a positive recovery resource” Ms Lourey said. “This booklet challenges the myths and stigma about bipolar disorder head on and will be a valuable resource for families and carers across New South Wales and Australia.”

Bipolar Australia’s Executive Director Susana Bluwol said ‘Coming Home with Bipolar’ focuses on the information and skills that Carers need to help people with bipolar starting their recovery journey. “Giving Carers the information they need about Bipolar reduces the risk of hospitalisation for people with the condition”, Ms Bluwol said. “Providing the ‘Coming Home with Bipolar’ resource to a person’s Family or Carer immediately after they are diagnosed will help the person’s recovery, minimize the families and carers stress and fear to the unknown.”

Mental Health Carers NSW Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Harms said: “The booklet’s launch underscored the importance of helping Families and Carers to support people with severe and persistent mental health conditions such as Bipolar”. “The average time between the onset of bipolar symptoms and proper diagnosis is over 9 years. Helping every Carer to understand how the condition has affected the person they care for during this period is a crucial first step in the journey towards recovery” Mr. Harms said.

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