Adele House: AOD Rehabilitation Treatment Program for Men

Adele House: AOD Rehabilitation Treatment Program for Men

Adele House is a 9 to 12 month residential alcohol & drug rehabilitation treatment program for men aged over 18 years, who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

At Adele House they strive to return loved ones to their families. Adele House operates a residential program which helps men who are recovering from addiction, particularly drug or alcohol addiction.

The aim is to return clients to the community in full time work living in private housing - dealing with not just the addiction but rebuilding the whole person and their relationships.

All too often clients have also been suffering from long term mental illness.

In the past, these people have often been overlooked or placed in the ‘too hard basket’. Mental Health facilities saying their illness was due to drugs and alcohol, while Drug and Alcohol facilities claimed their addiction was from ‘self-medicating’ as a response to their mental illness. The result was they were often left without any treatment.

Regardless of the reason, these men need help building or rebuilding healthy productive lives. Adele seeks to provide treatment for the whole person.

Adele currently has three residential alcohol & drug rehabilitation facilities, based in Coffs Harbour, Bucca and Werrington.

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