Online Software to Assist with TEI Reforms & Data Exchange (DEX) Data Collection for DCJ Reporting?

Online Software to Assist with TEI Reforms & Data Exchange (DEX) Data Collection for DCJ Reporting?

Discounts apply if purchasing prior to June 30 2022. Community Data Solutions is a leading software provider for Not-for-Profit and Community Services agencies in Australia, and they have affordable software solutions available for both managing your organisation's confidential client data and at the same time assisting you with Government statistical and outcomes reporting. The company has almost 270 customers nationally and of these almost half are based in NSW. They specialise in case management, community work, anti-poverty and family services data management.

Community Data Solutions online software is Data Exchange (DEX) compliant, which means that their online software captures all Data Exchange (DEX) reporting requirements and you can upload this data at regular intervals as you require. The benefits of this approach are as follows:

  1. You maintain ownership of a copy of your data at all times
  2. No time wasting with unproductive double data duplication
  3. All your client data is in one place, that is all case notes, documents, and reporting information is in one place providing the best possible view of your client’s situation, to ensure your organisation can assist them more effectively and efficiently

Community Data Solutions works with very small and very large agencies, providing affordable solutions and also allows you to both have the system customised to your exact needs and to manage your own outcomes surveys if you are impacted by multiple TEI and other outcomes measurement tools.

In terms of outcomes they have pre-built a range of measures to manage whatever is required by TEI reforms such as Personal Wellbeing Index, DSS, NCFAS, K10 etc. Below is a short video link explaining how their system works.

Their solution is fully customisable, 24/7 supported and all your data remains in your ownership at all times.

Beyond this of course their packages include all sorts of useful modules such as Family Casework Enquiries management, Volunteer management, External stakeholder/referral management, Group Work, Emergency Relief, WDO, Counselling, Financial counselling, NDIS, CHSP and Contract Management etc.

They also have a way to manage client enquiries and self-registration from your website and have them appear directly in the data system - a short video illustrating this can be found here:

They also have the ability to search for trends on casenotes as illustrated below:

Also feel free to visit their website to view their customer group at:

Discounts for your build of 10% are also available if you cite this advert when enquiring below.

If you would like to find out more about Community Data Solutions software, please contact us at or ring 1800 503 981