Continuity & Change: Volunteering during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Continuity & Change: Volunteering during the COVID-19 Pandemic

A new research paper from Volunteering Australia aims to provide a more detailed portrayal of the volunteering experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound implications for the volunteering ecosystem as we have witnessed a dramatic decline in volunteering.

Whilst this data is without doubt cause for concern, it is not the full story.

Volunteering Australia's latest research paper 'Continuity and change: volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic' shows there is more to the experience of volunteers during the pandemic than figures alone can capture.

Millions of people have continued to volunteer since the pandemic hit our shores early in 2020 and this new research shares their story. Based on 800 qualitative responses gathered as part of the Life in Australia™ survey, the research reveals a striking picture of diversity and resilience.

Responses illustrate the diversity of experience, highlighting wellbeing benefits of volunteering during the pandemic, the advantages and challenges of remote volunteering, the difficulties and hazards of providing voluntary support during the disaster, and the ongoing shifts in volunteer engagement which may remain significant as the pandemic response progresses.

These insights will be crucial to understanding the changes in volunteering in the future, and in planning to support a more dynamic, accessible, and resilient volunteering ecosystem.

Download 'Continuity and change: volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic'.

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