Charity Crisis Cabinet Open Letter to Australian Governments

Charity Crisis Cabinet Open Letter to Australian Governments

The Charity Crisis Cabinet has sent an open letter to Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers outlining several measures that need to be addressed across Federal and State jurisdictions to ensure charities can continue to serve their communities and provide much needed services.

The measures we are proposing will promote giving, reduce red tape, enable access to new capital and support increased productivity.  These measures will enable charities - employing 1.3 million people and engaging over 3.5 million volunteers - to be much better positioned to support their communities, especially those most in need in the post COVID-19 recovery.  

Key measures include:

  • providing a ramp rather than a cliff as JobKeeper ends
  • encouraging giving by providing 150% tax deductibility for donations to charities
  • making it possible for charities to establish fundraising initiatives more quickly by removing dysfunctional red tape fundraising regulations and creating a one stop registration process
  • subject to strong performance, ensuring greater certainty in government contracts by locking in existing payments and prolonging contracts
  • allowing charities and not-for-profits to roll over unspent funds where the underspend is related to reduced activity during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • making it possible for volunteers to be registered more quickly by reducing red tape and creating a one stop registration process
  • supporting initiatives to unlock new sources of capital for charities including underwriting medium-term loans schemes and impact investment options
  • providing transformational funding in critical areas such as information technology, energy efficiency, collaboration, measurement of impact, and other productivity focused areas
  • supporting more research into the issues impacting on the charities sector.

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