NSW Organics Infrastructure Program

NSW Organics Infrastructure Program

NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and NSW Environmental Trust's Organics Infrastructure (Large and Small) Program supports new and enhanced infrastructure and on-site processing for organic waste, food donation projects and council run home composting programs. There are five funding streams:

  • Organics Processing Infrastructure: Provides funding for new and enhanced infrastructure to process food, garden or combined food and garden organics from households and/or businesses.
  • Business Organics Recycling: Provides funding for onsite processing or pre-processing equipment.
  • Food Donation Infrastructure: Provides funding for infrastructure to facilitate the collection and redistribution of edible food waste from businesses to people in need, such as fridges, freezers, refrigerated vans and storage equipment like forklifts.
  • Product Quality: Provides funding for equipment to improve the quality of recycled organics products to support access to new markets.
  • Transfer Stations: Provides funding for the capital costs relating to infrastructure and equipment to establish new or upgrade existing transfer stations so that they can also be used as transfer stations for food (or food and garden) organics.

Eligible bodies: Local councils, business, government institutions, not for profits, and industry, depending on the type of grant project/stream.

Applications close: 29 August 2019.

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