Health Collaborative Pairs

Health Collaborative Pairs

WentWest invites health and community services professionals and consumers to form a partnership to apply to participate in Collaborative Pairs Australia: an exciting opportunity to develop collaborative leadership skills and lead system change. This program is based on collaborative leadership programs developed by the Kings Fund in the UK and is delivered via a partnership between the Consumers Health Forum of Australia and the Kings Fund. It is being evaluated with the support of the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Health Care.

This program has been designed for pairs of health and consumer leaders from the same local health care system to work together to develop their collaborative leadership skills and apply these in a shared challenge/project.

The program is structured as 5 one-day sessions (or the equivalent) with approximately one month between each session. The sessions enable participants to work together as a pair and a learning community to:

  • Understand your personal leadership and conflict resolution styles
  • Develop relationships and lead change across the health system with people who might have different perspectives and priorities
  • Develop the tools and practices to communicate, handle difficult conversations and manage the political context
  • Understand the power dynamic in collaborative practice and how to operate respectfully and equitably
  • Build a support network to develop and apply collaborative leadership.

The program will involve reflection and analysis, input from facilitators and experiential and interactive exercises. It has been designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the participants.

Successful applicants will participate in this training program at no cost.

Successful applicants who are employees of health, consumer or other organisations will need to provide written evidence of their employer's support of their application, including agreement to be released from the workplace for the five training days and to support the pair's chosen work.

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