Outcomes Based Funding UTS Taster Course

Outcomes Based Funding UTS Taster Course

If you work in the not-for-profit sector it's likely you've heard the latest buzz words, Social Return on Investment (SROI), Social Impact Investing (SII) or Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) aka Social Benefit Bonds (SBBs). These NFP financing models have emerged from the landscape of outcomes-based funding, influenced by the emergence of social finance and impact investing.

This self-paced free taster course by UTS will explain how these financing models work, the trends that are driving their popularity, and how they are impacting the sector. With the help of industry specialists, online discussions and case studies, this course will help you understand, and potentially seek, outcomes-based funding for your own programs.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the current landscape of outcomes based funding
  • Critically analyse the the drivers and considerations for commissioners
  • Understand Social Impact Bonds and Impact Investment
  • Critically analyse the benefits and limitations of outcomes based funding models
  • Understand common methods to financialise of outcomes, including Social Return on Investment
  • Asses whether these models are appropriate for your program

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