NSW Health Youth Aftercare Pilot Tender

NSW Health Youth Aftercare Pilot Tender

Suicide remains the leading cause of death among young people. The causes of suicide and suicide attempts are complex and generally influenced by a combination of individual, social, cultural, environmental and contextual factors. Most commonly, several risk factors act cumulatively to increase an individual’s vulnerability to suicidal behaviour. However, a suicide attempt is the strongest risk factor for subsequent suicide in the general population.

A new Youth Aftercare service will be piloted in two NSW locations to provide intensive, community-based support services for young people following self-harm, suicidal ideation, or suicide attempt.

The NSW Youth Aftercare Pilot is funded for $4.2 million over three years under the Commonwealth Health Innovation Fund. This procurement is also for the co-design of these services with children and young people and their families/carers including those with a lived experience of suicide. Please note - $400,000 has been allocated for the evaluation which is subject of a separate tender process that has now closed, and the remaining $3,800,000 will be allocated to this open tender.

Applications close: 12 June 2020

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