NSW Government Multi-Sport Community Facility Fund

NSW Government Multi-Sport Community Facility Fund

The primary objectives of the NSW Government Multi-Sport Community Facility Fund are to: increase the number and type of multi-sport facilities; improve the standard of existing multi-sport facilities; increase the utilisation of sport facilities; support the equitable provision of, and access to multi-sport facilities to grow sport participation for women and girls; and provide inclusive and accessible multi-sport facilities that support sport participation for people with disability, First Nations peoples and people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Secondary objectives of the Fund are to: establish a diversified funding model; improve operational sustainability; and promote and incorporate environmental sustainability and climate resiliency into design, construction and operation.

The Multi-Sport Community Facility Fund grants are for the capital cost of the project only. Applicants are responsible for project administration costs, non-fixed or movable equipment and the ongoing operation of the facility.

The grant amount requested by an applicant must be a minimum of $1 million and cannot exceed $5 million. All applications are required to provide a minimum 50% financial co-contribution of the grant amount requested (e.g. if an applicant’s grant amount requested is $2 million, they must demonstrate at least a $1 million financial co-contribution). A Hardship Form will be available to applicants that cannot meet the requirement. The Grant Assessment Panel, at its total discretion, will decide whether a hardship application is accepted.

Eligible applicants are:

  • Local government authorities in New South Wales
  • Regional Joint Organisations of councils, the Lord Howe Island Board and the Unincorporated Far West groups
  • NSW Office of Sport recognised NSW State Sporting Organisations and State Sporting Organisations for People with Disability (including National Sporting Organisations where the state body is part of a unitary governance model)
  • Incorporated, community-based, not-for-profit sporting organisations (clubs and associations whose primary purpose is to organise sporting activities/deliver sport programs)
  • Organisations providing sport and recreation programs that benefit the community, such as PCYCs, YMCA and YWCA
  • NSW based professional sporting organisations competing in a national or state competition
  • Private enterprises (for-profit organisations).

Applications involving partnerships between groups are encouraged and will be considered favourably, for example a council or sport and a Department of Education specialist sport high school. A council may submit an application on behalf of a sporting club or association, however council will be the grant recipient and responsible for project delivery.

Applications close: Friday, 25 February 2022, 1.00pm.

More information and application.

Contact: infrastructuregrants@sport.nsw.gov.au

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