NSW Aboriginal Languages Community Investments Grants Program 2019/20

NSW Aboriginal Languages Community Investments Grants Program 2019/20

To support the Aboriginal Languages Trust to invest in local language revival efforts, Aboriginal Affairs NSW is investing in local Aboriginal community groups who have a community focus on delivering Aboriginal languages activities, building workforce capability and promoting the appreciation and use of Aboriginal Languages.

Consistent with the objectives of the Aboriginal Languages Community Investments Program, funding will be available for activities within the following categories:


  • Encourage the development of new or emerging language activities by providing Aboriginal groups and organisations with the initial investment to support and launch new activities that aim to lead to ongoing language activities.
  • Provide support to develop the capacity of Aboriginal groups and organisations who are doing language work on a small scale (that is, small groups and/or short term projects) so that they can grow their activities.


  • Grow projects or activities that have been in progress, are having positive outcomes and are seeking to expand.
  • Support projects to expand from schools to the broader community.
  • Develop the capacity of groups or organisations who have been involved in language activities and are ready to grow.


  • Build the strategic capacity of more established groups or organisations to continue language activities already in place.
  • Ensure existing activities continue in the longer term and expand into new communities or partnerships.

Registrations of Interest close: 31 January 2020

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