Harold Mitchell Foundation Grants Scheme

Harold Mitchell Foundation Grants Scheme

The theme for this year's Harold Mitchell Foundation grants is: "Helping children and young adults who are socially isolated as a result of mental health problems or poverty to engage with their communities". Applications will be judged on their creativity and innovation, the appropriateness of their target group, their level of impact, their overall quality, their value for money and their consistency with the funding criteria.

The Harold Mitchell Foundation is bound by Australian taxation laws and its Trust Deed in terms of to whom grant funding can be legally provided. To be eligible for funding, organisations must be endorsed as both:

  • a Tax Concession Charity or TCC (formerly ITEC – Income Tax Exempt Charity); and
  • a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).

Applications close: 22 September 2019

More information and application details

Contact: [email protected]