AMP's Tomorrow Fund

AMP's Tomorrow Fund

Amazing Australians doing great things are now invited to apply for a share in $1 million in AMP's Tomorrow Fund grants. Open to individuals of all ages, interests and abilities. The program is looking for people who have a talent or a passion for something that will ultimately benefit Australia – whether that’s a scientist who is developing innovative technology, a social innovator with a community enterprise in mind or a singer who wants to take their voice to the world stage. You’ll need to show that you’ve already done some work towards achieving your goal and that you have a plan to take it further.

AMP's Tomorrow Fund grants of between $5,000 and $100,000 can fund a diverse range of activities. The money could be used for training and travel costs associated with competing in a sport, study assistance while you work on research or small business funding for an innovative idea. You should have a good idea of what it will cost to take your project or passion to the next stage.

AMP's Tomorrow Fund grants are for individuals only, not organisations. If you work for a charity and have a great idea that aligns with the organisation’s work that you want to pursue under your own steam, then feel free to apply. Individuals who are in the process of, or who have recently established, a small non profit organisation can apply but need to prove they are the driving force.

Applications close: 27 May 2019.

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