Fairfield Mayor's Wellbeing Register

Fairfield Mayor's Wellbeing Register

Fairfield City Council has set up the Mayor’s Wellbeing Register to help those most in need in the community during these challenging times. The register is designed to assist those who are isolated and would require help to care for themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations can provide information about the services they are offering.

Sign up to the Mayor’s Wellbeing Register if you:

  • are over 60 years old and receive informal care from family members who live outside your home
  • are a single parent caring for children and you have no one you can rely on if you become ill
  • have a disability with no carer
  • if you are considered to be vulnerable without assistance
  • you are an informal carer for someone in your family who is isolated or vulnerable, and you don’t live with them.

Find out more and sign up, or provide information about your services.

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