Survey: Community Views on Multilingualism

Survey: Community Views on Multilingualism

LOST IN BOOKS have designed a survey to understand perspectives on using languages other than English in Australia. They are interested to understand the significance of using other languages across an entire life in Australia. The shurvey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time.

The survey asks about your cultural background; your and your family's language skills; and your experience of life and work in Australia.

Finally, if you have participated in LOST IN BOOKS’ programming, they would like to ask you a few additional questions.

The survey will not associate your personal data with your survey response. You will be anonymous.  It will protect any personal information that is collected with this survey consistent with Australian privacy law. LOST IN BOOKS will only use the information they gather for the purposes of their research into multilingualism.

The survey is available in five languages. Please click on the best language for you:




Chinese (simplified)


LOST IN BOOKS will publish their findings on their website

Contact: 9727 3928.