Community Wheels Inc COVID-19 Update

Community Wheels Inc COVID-19 Update

Transport services for medical and doctors' appointments, shopping, and to meet next of kin will continue as normal for the time being. All social outings and events organised by Community Wheels have been postponed until 18 April 2020. They will review the situation again near that date and communicate the next steps accordingly. Clients who have already booked for outings until 18 April 2020 will remain on the list when they are ready to deliver these services again.

All drivers have been instructed to maintain the highest possible level of hygiene during client transportation. These instructions include but not limited to:

  • All vehicle equipment including door handles, steering wheels, seat belts etc. must be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes at the start and end of their shift.
  • All vehicle equipment must be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes at least three times during the shift and after coming into contact with a passenger or visitor.
  • Drivers must wear gloves at all times when cleaning vehicles.
  • Drivers must wear gloves when assisting passengers.
  • Offer a facial mask to a passenger who may show flu-like symptoms.

Drivers work closely with the elderly and people with a disability who seem to be the most at risk of an infection. Community Wheels is asking you to please inform bookings staff at the time of your booking if you are having any flu-like symptoms. They also ask you to please wear a mask during your transport if you have any symptoms. This is essential in curbing the rate of transmission of the virus and to keep our community safe.